Organizational Transformation

Embracing consciousness as the next competitive advantage


Our clients are leaders who are looking for new ways to inspire and motivate growth and innovation within their organizations. Where others see scarcity and disruption, our clients see opportunities for evolution and the creation of value.

At Liminal Coaching, we recognize the reciprocity between the development of the individual and the organization as a whole. Our programs maximize growth opportunities and overcome barriers of individuals within the context of the wider organization. The end result is an organization of empowered individuals who are more capable of meaningful and creative responses within and especially at the boundaries.

Nurturing human consciousness in organizations is the next major leap forward in competitive advantage.

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“I’ve been working with Mike on becoming a better leader...”

— Dave Gray, founder of xplane


We work with some of the top business leaders as their secret weapon in the fast-paced world that is today's business environment.

For Leadership Development, Liminal Coaching is provided as one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions enable our clients to perform with increased clarity under pressure. Each session is tailored to the needs of each client and helps to move them towards their specific goals and desired outcomes.

These sessions are a great introduction to the Liminal Coaching framework and can form the foundation for an organizational transformation package.

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"Every week I feel like I am 'leveling up' as a person and a leader..."

- Noah Rosenberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Pikazo


Mike Parker has over 30 years of experience in global systems and over 10 years as a senior consultant helping clients to innovate, overcome challenges and improve performance across a wide range of business domains.

He is as comfortable at the director level in a global consulting company as he is sitting in the chair across from you and helping you overcome your blocks and anxieties.

Mike’s interests are deep and broad, ranging across psychology, anthropology, philosophy, math, business, music and economic systems. All of this is supplemented by culture studies and a life devoted to Systems Thinking. Mike has an MBA in innovation, finance and strategy and has supplemented this with further post-graduate studies in Systems Thinking and Governance. He is a qualified Solutions Focused Therapist and a Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute.