One-on-one Liminal Coaching for Better Business

Our clients are looking for new ways to maximize their productivity, improve their working and personal relationships and to better think outside the box with clarity and certainty. 

Liminal Coaching sessions enable our clients to perform with increased clarity under pressure while also reducing any stress or anxiety they may feel. Each session is tailored to the needs of each client and helps to move them towards their specific goals and desired outcomes.

Unlike other coaching programs, we achieve new levels of personal workplace performance by utilizing neuroscience-based techniques and tools that enhance and develop our clients' capabilities.

This offering is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to explore what is possible with Liminal Coaching at an individual and one-on-one level. It is also a core element of our Liminal Transformation for Organizations offering. 

I’ve been working with Mike on becoming a better leader: improving my listening skills, focusing on the important rather than the urgent, maintaining a calm, relaxed, upbeat attitude, not getting distracted or annoyed by little things.

So far the results are quite astonishing. I find all the little things I usually procrastinate on are getting done. My office is clean, bright and organized. My mind is clear and fresh for work, I’m more proactive and much more productive with my time. And I feel great.
— Dave Gray - Founder of Xplane and author of Liminal Thinking

The Next Competitive Advantage

Neuroscience research shows that subconscious parts of the brain are capable of doing massive parallel processing and are quite comfortable dealing with enormous complexity. Creative insights, novel solutions, and those precious shifts in perspective all flow more easily when we encourage and welcome this part of our unconscious. 

You go from feeling like there isn't enough time in a day to a calm and energized state from which the formidable capabilities of the higher brain can be brought to bear on your problems. It enables new levels of interpersonal communication and creativity which can enrich both your personal and working life.

The short video and animation below demonstrates the relationship between accumulating stress and levels of creativity and resilience. Bad stress that is not fully discharged can accumulate over time until it overflows, causing a myriad of problems including anxiety, overwhelm, anger and various physical symptoms including neuralgia and nausea. Further, it does not have to reach these levels to be impacting performance on a daily basis.

My weekly sessions with Mike re-centre my attention, enabling me to navigate significant stress and channel my energy toward my professional and personal goals. Over the past 8 months or so, I have seen not only a change in myself but also for my colleagues at The Moment. We are a better team because of Liminal Coaching–better for business, better for each other, and better for ourselves.
— Erika Bailey, Innovation Designer at the Moment

One-on-one Liminal Coaching Packages

In circumstances where the amygdala registers extreme threat, the levels of cortisol can be so high as to effectively shut down the higher brain.

For that reason, all of our sessions begin with a calibration. We look at what's been good since your last session and what you've enjoyed. We do this for the following reason; when we focus on remembering things that have been pleasurable, the blood supply to the amygdala (core of the instinctive mind) is reduced. This reduces our levels of cortisol and enables our higher brain to function more fully.

The second half of every session is where you get to relax as we begin a guided visualization exercise where you sink down into an increasingly deeper state of relaxation and we begin to work with your unconscious resources to find and reinforce the calmness and clarity that become your path out of the forest and give you a new relationship with your instinctive mind.

Session duration: 50 Minutes
Number of sessions: 4 sessions for $1200 and 8 sessions for $2000
Session method: Sessions take place over a secure video conferencing connection (over your computer, phone or other device) and can be done anywhere you can find a peaceful place to be alone and with a comfortable chair.

We have 4 Spots left for Spring/Summer 2019

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About Mike Parker

Mike Parker is the developer of the groundbreaking modality called Liminal Coaching, and has over 30 years of experience in global systems helping clients to innovate, overcome challenges and improve performance across a wide range of domains.

He is as comfortable at the director level in a global consulting company as he is sitting in the chair across from you and helping you overcome your blocks and anxieties.

Mike’s interests are deep and broad, ranging across psychology, anthropology, philosophy, math, business, music and economic systems. All of this is supplemented by culture studies and a life devoted to Systems Thinking. Mike has an MBA in innovation, finance and strategy and has supplemented this with further post-graduate studies in Systems Thinking and Governance. He is a qualified Solutions Focused Therapist and a Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute.