Metaphor Workshop

The metaphor workshop is a facilitated session that engages the team to better achieve their objectives, no matter how small or large. It engages the unconscious and focuses all of your mental resources on bringing new insights and mental capabilities to the challenges ahead. It also builds a map from which leadership can engage with the liminal coaching process to ensure every team member is properly supported and developed.

Mapping the metaphors creates a shared map of the challenges and opportunities facing the team. It allows all perceptions to be included without conflict arising.

Unlock your teams full mental resources

Science has shown us that the unconscious mind is an extraordinary repository of insight, creativity and novel perception. But unlocking that potential is not so straightforward. Until now.

We present an approach that will align and leverage the unconscious across your project teams while giving leadership the tools to understand the process and apply it themselves.

Metaphor is the interface between the conscious and unconscious mind.

The unconscious has all these great contributions to make and working with metaphor enables that to happen. This is not a 'surfacing' process, as in expressing repressed content, but rather about accessing wildly creative new content focused on a chosen area of interest.

Metaphor reveals contributions from the unconscious and also sends direction to the unconscious as to where to focus. And the metaphor workshop is the first step in leveraging metaphor across your project teams, no matter how large or small.

90% of what we do is determined by our unconscious, especially in business.

map of the project journey

Mapping the metaphors creates a shared map of the challenges and opportunities facing the team. It allows all perceptions to be included without conflict arising. It creates a strong sense of working across shared terrain and gives the team and leadership the tools to better understand individual challenges and motivations within the context of the shared goals and plan.

But a shared metaphor is only the beginning. The cognitive mapping aspect of the workshop allows all voices and perceptions to be expressed on a jointly created map.

This is done in an open space using a wall, felt pens and stickies. All team members can suggest where they see connections, can embellish the map by extending metaphors already on the wall or adding new ones. Lines of support and connection are drawn where they are seen.

The number of connections in each node along with clustering of metaphors and images creates a map of the collective subconscious terrain involved in the project. This is unique to the group and their aims.


customized liminal coaching sessions

The group workshop creates the raw material for the Liminal Coaching team to develop a unique and specific recording of a guided relaxation session that is used by members of the team during the project (and after, if they wish). This is then fully realized when part of a package of one-on-one Liminal Coaching sessions in which each team member works to define and move towards their own goals within the overall team map.

The result? Powerfully aligned and coordinated teams focused consciously and unconsciously on the shared vision.

Our packages include:

  • Goal setting and planning session
  • Providing the prep materials in advance of the workshop
  • Facilitation of the Metaphor Workshop
  • Follow-up session with the team or the leadership team
  • Tailored relaxation session MP3 designed to reinforce the shared map

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