The work we do may seem like magic to some. It's not. It is based on years of training, research and working closely with people from every background imaginable. But don't take our word for it.

Dave Gray - Founder of Xplane and author of Liminal Thinking

“I’ve been working with Mike on becoming a better leader: improving my listening skills, focusing on the important rather than the urgent, maintaining a calm, relaxed, upbeat attitude, not getting distracted or annoyed by little things.

So far the results are quite astonishing. I find all the little things I usually procrastinate on are getting done. My office is clean, bright and organized. My mind is clear and fresh for work, I’m more proactive and much more productive with my time. And I feel great.

Mike has a great approach which involves relaxation techniques, visualization, imagination, metaphor. A session with him is like a massage for the mind.

If you’re looking for a coach to increase your effectiveness, I recommend you take a look at Mike Parker. I’ve been working with him and it has helped me tremendously.

He works over Skype which is awesome and his rates are very reasonable”.


Mark Kuznicki, Co-Founder at The Moment

“Mike Parker has been engaged with our entire small team of innovation design consultants to help us cope with lots of change in our business while taking on the complexity of problems we work on with our clients.

The most important benefit so far has been reducing my reactivity when under stress and the awareness of how those reactions get in the way of achieving my goals. I look forward to our sessions every week as a place of calm, where I can reconnect with my goals and inner world in ways that help me create the impact I want to see in my self and our business in pursuit of our purpose.”


Jon Husband, Founder of the Wirearchy Model

“I engaged with Mike to get some help at clarifying some of my deepest paradoxes and challenges.

Mike listens ferociously well, and follows one’s train of thoughts while at the same time synthesising and helping a coachee cut to the heart of the matter. His probes and suggestions unfailingly add focus and value to one’s internal dialogue.


Noah Rosenberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Pikazo. St Louis USA

“As a startup founder, it is incredibly easy to get caught chasing phantoms– worried about external opinions of the market, of the press, of investors, as well as internal opinions of the partners and team. And, as any founder can attest, relationships at home become compressed as the stress bleeds into all aspects of our life.

Mike’s liminal coaching method circumvents the stressed panic response, enabling me as a leader to be fully present, to be fully conscious in my thoughts and actions, and to reach deeper levels of ability that stress had been blocking.

Every week I feel like I am 'leveling up' as a person and a leader, uncovering my own patterns that have limited my success and growth in the past, and letting them blow away like dust in the wind.

This particular week I realized I had been injecting a sense of stress and doom ('Oh god, we gotta ship this build by next week or we’ll die!') that is neither helpful, nor useful. Mike’s approach to coaching is to let me see this with perfect clarity, and that allowed me to release myself from this pattern and realize it’s okay to be comfortable and still move forward; and by taking care of myself I actually have more to offer my family, the people on my team, my product’s users, and my investors. They are all the beneficiary of this coaching, and that’s why I’m so excited for and so relish every session with Mike."


Erika Bailey, Toronto Ontario

"Working in a highly creative industry in a rapidly changing world, this past year especially has required me to be at the top of my game–focused, driven, and grounded. No small task as our business grows, our client work gets more business-critical, and our team evolves.

My weekly sessions with Mike re-centre my attention, enabling me to navigate significant stress and channel my energy toward my professional and personal goals. Over the past 8 months or so, I have seen not only a change in myself but also for my colleagues at The Moment. We are a better team because of Liminal Coaching–better for business, better for each other, and better for ourselves."


Greg Judelman, Co-Founder at The Moment

“Mike has been working with the whole team at our innovation consultancy. Our work requires us to maintain a high level of empathy, deep listening, and quick thinking in order to effectively support our clients to navigate complex challenges. Our weekly sessions with Mike have empowered us to maintain and develop this state of mind on a more consistent basis throughout the week. We are more resilient to stress and more able to tap into a creative and collaborative mindset.

“I love that Mike’s approach combines modern science with ancient wisdom on how the mind works. I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to feel more calm, confident and resilient in their day-to-day adventures”


Rebecca, San Francisco, USA

Mike helped me shift a difficult life transition into an empowering, transformative experience. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, but I felt I needed a little extra support with this one.

Mike not only supported me in my self-declared goals but ensured that my ambitions left room for compassion and loving kindness to self. For me, the actual process felt subtle and yet the shift was palpable and concrete.

Most poignantly, the shift became habitual so that beyond our sessions, I was able to support my own growth and sustain it after we finished. While I feel that I have the tools I need to be the person I want to be in the face of my current challenge, I also see value in working with Mike again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending him

Jason Mesut, London

"Mike helped me through some stressful times with my work.

I was suffering from taking too much on, mixed with some difficult client and team situations. I was looking for more perspective, but also for the ability to dial up my creativity despite the stress so I could do great work for my clients.

Mike’s coaching helped me get clarity, perspective and tap into the thinking I needed to deliver great solutions for my clients."


Trevor, Vancouver

"When I realized that my improvement in Ultimate, the team frisbee sport, had hit a plateau, Mike Parker and I worked together to reshape my mental game and improve my performance and effectiveness on the field.

Four sessions later, I was playing noticeably better — and my teammates commented on it as well. All of our sessions were done remotely, from the comfort of my own couch, and I now feel more in control both during a game, and also over my own mental processes overall."

Geoff, Washington, USA

"Mike’s coaching is helping me develop a life-skill that will benefit me for decades (may I live that long!).

He listens carefully, adapts his support to my specific needs, is always wonderful to meet with, and has techniques that work to both relax and motivate me.

I was skeptical that it would work over Skype (I’m in the US), but it has been flawless. Very strongly recommended."


Marti Spiegelman, California, USA

"To say Mike is the most insightful person I know is an understatement. He has a gift for seeing into the dynamics of organizations, business processes, and innovative explorations and pulling out exactly the core principles that need to amplified for the ultimate creation of collective benefit, well-being, AND profit.

"His ability to see the larger picture and use it to create extraordinary new meaning and value is stunning. Mike is someone we should all be working with and learning from!"

Julian, California, USA

"Mike is like the Pacific Ocean on a good day (a good day for the Ocean, not for Mike): calm and comforting on the surface, yet deep and intricate below, full of nourishing ideas and insights.

Working with him is simple and effective. I recommend him to anyone who wants to improve his or her life."


Harry van der Velde, Founder and Owner at Zicht Netherlands

"I always thought that changing myself is the hardest challenge. So I am amazed that I find myself relaxing and even having a nap while I am just doing that!

"It feels so easy and effortless. All thanks to the customized personal sessions that bring me in to the so called "liminal" state. There my brain gets beneficial and previously agreed suggestions delivered live by an experienced trained professional.

"This personal attention has become very dear to me.
The sessions help me to relax deeply and slowly but surely dissolve all the unconscious patterns that do not serve me anymore.

"I always feels so much better after a session, no matter how bad I felt at the start. And I find I am so much more effective."